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What’s Up with the Bermuda Triangle?


The Bermuda Triangle is a part of the Atlantic that is combined of Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda and it is considered to be a very mythical and odd place. It is where literally dozens of airplanes and ships have completely disappeared, and there are several unexplained circumstances that surround these accidents. There have been many planes and boats that have completely vanished from this area in perfectly good weather, and they never radioed in any type of distress messages at all. Even though these disappearances have never been discovered and, therefore, can not come to a scientific conclusion that something is definitely going on in this area, it is proven that these types of situations, or accidents, happen more often in the Bermuda Triangle than they have in any other place. There are even many individuals who investigate, or go through this area, without ever having an incident like this happening to them.

The Bermuda Triangle, or as it is also known as The Devil’s Triangle, is off of the southeastern tip of Florida and it covers approximately 500,000 square miles. Even when Christopher Columbus sailed through the Bermuda Triangle when he was on his voyage to discover the “New World”, even claimed that he saw a “great flame of fire” came down from the sky and crashed into the sea waters, and then there was a light that appeared in the distance just a couple of short weeks after this occured. He had also claimed that the compass readings were sometimes erratic. Ever since Christopher Columbus made these reports, the odd activities continued to happen. There were several reports of ships and vessels that would enter the Bermuda Triangle, and then they were never found again. Airplanes have went missing, and some of them have radioed in that they were experiencing something strange, and then they were never heard or seen from again. There were many military branches that have said that these planes seemed as if they had flown straight off to Mars There have been so many odd experiences that it is hard to deny that there isn’t anything going on in this area of the ocean.

There have been several theories of what exactly is going on within the Bermuda Triangle and they have all never been proven. There have been several theories that have went from aliens, sea monsters, time warps, Atlantis, and even reverse gravity fields. However, there has not been a single theory that has been landed on to be the actual cause, and it still remains a mystery.

In conclusion, there have been so many individuals who have had too strong of a fear to sail or fly through the Bermuda Triangle. They have good reason to be worried since a good portion of the individuals who have vanished from this area, have radioed in that all was well only to disappear a few short minutes later. It is a mystery that has not been solved, and there are several people who believe that there may possibly be more than one reason for these odd accidents to occur.

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Chilly water surfing is uncommon in such a variety of ways; the sights and the odors. You may relate another smell with surfing; that waiting funk that has gotten to be indivisible from your wetsuit. It’s that 5 mil of neoprene you’ve been sweating, and likely urinating within, then moving around in for a couple of hours. Regardless of the possibility that you flush it out, there will probably be a wily stink enduring to hop. Other than the body oils, your suit is presently a rearing ground for microscopic organisms. Gnarly.

Dry-time is the issue. The thick suits don’t dry sufficiently snappy, particularly in icy moist conditions, giving every one of that microbes and growths a decent friendly home to tuck into. So here is the way you can slaughter that stink, in any event for the occasion.

White vinegar and dish cleanser.

Flush with cool water in the shower all around after every utilization. Hang to dry far from the sun on a thick garments holder (triple-up the cheapo ones on the off chance that you can’t locate a thick one). Store hung up in a cool, dry spot. Abstain from collapsing your wet suit for capacity. Clean every on occasion (or at whatever point it smells crazy) with a wetsuit-particular cleaner like McNett Wet suit Shampoo and Mirazyme. Try not to swim in the pool with it; chlorine pulverizes wetsuits. Try not to forget it in the sun on the shoreline. Repair tears or obstacles before your next session to maintain a strategic distance from further harm.

Keep your suit back to front and do an absorb wash your Rubbermaid container or Wet Bag. Include a half measure of white vinegar (to disinfect and eliminate microbes) and a squirt of mellow dish cleanser or little sprinkle of Woolite (for emulsification of body oils and grime). Top it off with enough chilly water to cover the suit, booties, gloves, and rash gatekeeper. Splash for around 15 minutes.

Absorbing the wet suit a Wet Bag with water, dish cleanser, and white vinegar.

Absorb the wet suit the wash for 10 minutes, then flush altogether.

Haul all your rigging out of the splash, and give it a decent flush with chilly water.

Likewise a tip to keep the stink under control is a careful and speedy dry. Continuously wash and dry the suit back to front – that is the place the foulness waits. Hang your suit in a very much ventilated room. On the second day turn it right side out and dry at any rate one more day. You can simply accelerate the procedure with a fan, wind stream is critical.

Hang your wet suit back to front on a wide holder to dry.

Hanging up your booties will make them dry quicker as well.

The snappier you wash your wet suit in the wake of surfing the better. Trust this gives some new life to your apparatus – and at any rate makes it less unpleasant. Your booties will presumably dependably smell awful.

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A Bermuda Snorkeling Vacation – Eco-Adventure on a Budget


Snorkeling, one of the simplest of Bermuda’s range of sea recreational activities could be the premise for a great family vacation in the islands!

As every one of us search for creative approaches to stretch our vacation spending plans, a more critical take a gander at this simple, inexpensive activity can accommodate a vacation with memories comparable to anything your family’s experienced together! Not at all like scuba diving, snorkeling offers the silence for you to hear sounds discharged by fish, crustacea, and the unwinding sound of sand rubbing against sand as the upper layers move with the wave action.

You’ve read up on what to search for and have picked the spots you’d like to explore. Attempt to match your snorkeling amid the lower tides, preferably in the morning hours. Amid the lower tides, the decreased wave action causes less disturbances in the water improving for visibility. Be cautious going out on the three days taking after another moon as those days convey sprouts of stinging box jellyfish to specific areas. Moreover, abstain from going out in areas exposed to inland winds all things considered shores regularly see Portuguese men-o-war, another stinging resident of Bermuda’s close shore waters.

Before taking to the water, extend a way that you expect to navigate while snorkeling and remember for every foot you travel outward, you’ll need to swim back with more exhaustion than when you began. Arrangement your trek for the weakest swimmer in the gathering so to guarantee a level of comfort all through. You’ll be astonished at how much there is to see and explore near the shore! To give yourself the best visibility, rubbing spit, some tobacco, or the brilliant cocoa ocean growth in your veil will keep your cover from hazing.

While snorkeling in Bermuda, make certain to gaze toward the shore and figure your position. The relative simplicity of snorkeling and the ability to literally float for a considerable length of time without lifting your head out of the water can place you into a few circumstances that could be humiliating (like floating into a gathering of waders) or out and out dangerous such as floating out to ocean or dismissing your companions!

In the wake of getting used to the gear and developing a decent level of comfort in the water, you may even need to attempt your hand at spearfishing for fish you’ve found in the nearby fish markets! Regardless, snorkeling will give over a day of fun yet rather an arrangement excursions that can significantly highlight your time in Bermuda at a fraction of the expense of two or three “touristy” activities.

What’s more, deal with your snorkeling gear while you’re here, being certain to wash after every utilization and store out of the sun. You may find that after returning home there are likewise opportunities, but distinctive, to seek after your newfound recreational sport… like the late feature I saw of a gathering of snorkelers floating down a moderate stream in Bermuda!

Following a week of snorkeling, odds are you and your family will feel like prepared island beachcombers with the wonderful realization of how little you’ve spent for your sea eco-adventure here in Bermuda!

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The Hottest Women in the Ocean

2CE6E75100000578-3253762-image-a-54_1443546344765Adriana Lima Wears Sexy Beach Wear in LA Fashion Photoshoot Near the Sea

Summertime is already over, but Adriana Lima has helped to keep her photoshoot in LA by the sea, by wearing sexy fashion recently. Lima is a 34-year-old Brazilian supermodel. She wore a selection of beach wear that showed off her toned, tanned body. She posed with a bicycle, pink balloons, and beach ball. There were also several other props during the photoshoot.

At one point during the photo-shoot, Lima wore a white macramé crop top. It was paired with form-fitting shorts that showcased her long and lean legs and arms, and narrow waist. She was also wearing blue-trimmed sunglasses. At that time the sea breeze gently blew her hair. She waved as she stood adjacent to the lifeguard tower’s railing, and waved as the photographer kept snapping photos.

She also wore several other outfits during the photoshoot. One was a white lacy outfit that showed off her toned waist. Another photo showed her grabbing a group of pink balloons while she wore a white and red frock. It seemed that the Brazilian supermodel was having a lot of fun during the entire shoot. She was smiling during the entire event.

In another shot, Lima sat on railing and posted for the photo. She raised one of her arms, as though in celebration. In another shot a crew member tossed a white, pink, and blue beach ball at 2f4faa6a2fa7452ed0aa1cabb8e0d0e5Adriana. She caught it using both of her hands. She then stood up on the tips of her toes while holding up the ball. She was standing on the lifeguard tower.

Lima later changed from the shorts to a red and white wrap-around printed frock. It had a high hemline. From time to time the wind caused it to float up.

She also posed in another scene, in which she was posing on a bike. At the time, she was wearing high heels, and a romper that was pink with a pattern. There was also a pair of skates resting on her shoulder. It helped to add a special effect to the photo.

Lima is one of the Victoria’s Secret angel models. She seemed to be having an enjoyable time during the entire photoshoot. That’s when she kicked up both of her heels in order to show off her long legs. A few months ago, the model was seen posing for a Vogue eyewear photoshoot. In addition to that, Lima completed New York Fashion Week recently. She walked on the runway for the designer Marc Jacobs.

Lima was born in Salvador, Brazil. He name is Portuguese. She speaks four languages, including Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian. While growing up she had never considered becoming a model, even though she had won several beauty pageants during her school days. At the age of 15 she won first place in Ford’s model search “Supermodel of Brazil.” She moved to New York City and signed with Elite Model Management. In 2013 she was ranked by Forbes as the third-highest earning supermodel in the world, and moved to the #2 spot in 2014.

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Qualities of the Best SCUBA Watches

D0G32NIBM5Talking about watches, the first thing that comes into our mind is its ability to provide us with the correct and exact time. However, the fascination for its sleek design, luxurious styles and how it can fashionably add up to your looks usually are the ones that can push us to buy one. Moreover, when it comes to scuba watches, they may just be a part of it. Apparently, the most important part in choosing a scuba watch is its ability to meet the divers’ requirements. Professional divers prefer to choose watches that are capable to withstand the underwater pressure. This preference is usually for their safety, security and for them not to get lost.

To provide you with set guidelines in choosing the right quality of the best scuba watches, check out the following:

The importance of depth ratings–As mentioned, it is very important for your watch to sustain and withstand the pressure of the water. A water proof watch is not preferable because they can only sustain shallow water exposure but not for the longest time neither can they sustain underwater pressure. With this said, it would be best to use water resistant watch. Check on the watch label and look for the WR numbers. Those that are labelled as 100 are the ones that are appropriate to be used only in snorkelling. On the other hand, those that are labelled under 200 to 300 meter depths are the best for deep ocean diving. Keep in mind that when these watches mentioned about the depth ratings, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be into that deep area of the ocean. Being close to it is the best and ideal distance that you can be.

The back type, casing specifics and luminosity–Try to be keen enough in checking the back portion of the watch. Those that are made up from “popping materials” should not be on your list. For these cannot sustain the underwater pressure therefore leakage can happen anytime causing your watch not to function well, or worse, to stop in the middle of your diving. The best watch for you to choose are those that are made from strong crystals, the back portion are completely sealed and screwed and also it should be built with luminescent markers. String crystals will prevent your watch cover to crack due to intense water pressure; completely sealed back portion as mentioned protects your watch from water leakage and also,luminous watches will help divers clearly visualize the time and how long they have already been exposed in the deepest part of the ocean.

The significance of the rotating ring –The rotating ring or commonly known as the bevel serves as the reference point of the diver. This part of the ring is very essential because this will serve as the divers’ monitoring equipment to learn if how long are they been underwater.

No matter what brand of the watch you are planning to buy, for as long as you take time to check out and read the features and understand those that are stated.  And for as long as ithas met your requirements, then you are good to go.

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Tips on Selecting the Best SCUBA Mask

C86B4E2DAEMasks are not just something required to protect our eyes from catching in water. It serves a lot of purpose most especially if you are into diving. Scuba masks are different from goggles because they provide enough air space in order for the diver to have a wide visualization of the area while underwater. These masks are also incorporated with nose to create volume equalization between the ears and the mask. This design is very essential since the pressure underwater is a bit compressed, thus this provides equalization of the said pressure towards the diver for safety reasons.

Masks come in different kinds and designs. Some of which are made and inspired from different styles and shapes just to match up the shape of the face of the user. However, its physical attributes should not be a top priority but the quality. When we talk about quality masks, it is mainly concerned about the materials that are utilized to make the mask. For us to find out the different qualities that we should look for when choosing a mask, check out the following:

Check out the materials –Masksthat surely have the highest quality are those that are made from a hundred percent silicone seal. Silicone seals are known to be durable and will not crack, warp, neither hardens. That is why when it comes to diving, this is one of the qualities that you should check, for it assures you long service, durable and are reliable.

Proper mask fitting –The mask should not be just made up of a durable material but should also be fitted properly. When we say “properly fitted mask” it does not only refer to how nice the mask looks good on you but it should also follow certain criteria which are as follows:

Check the mask for any signs of leaks by wearing it. In front of the mirror, check out any caught hair strands or even a portion of it and then afterwards, with two fingers, push the front portion of the mask and thentry to breath. You then judge the mask by feeling it, if it still is not fitted properly then choose another one until you find the one that fits perfectly.

Inner seal should be present –The inner seal serves as the second internal seal to assure no way for the water to get in. These should be flat and not covering any portion of your eyes to provide you comfort as well.

Vision wise –Low cut lens, singe screen lens and the side windows are some of the vision choices for you to choose from. A perfectly fit mask should come with the lens to provide a wide range of vision, equalization and comfort to the diver. Speaking about equalization, it is very important to do the nose pinching technique as well while wearing the mask to test equalization.

Choose the mask vision that suits you –Magnification of the objects underwater is normal due to light refraction however; we are somehow not used to it. That is why some divers suffer a bit of either far sightedness or near sightedness. That is why it is necessary to wear lenses for our eyes to adjust tot hese changes.

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The Importance of Using Dive Computers

emc-20h2In order to promote a safe diving opportunity, dive computers are utilized. Due to technological advancement, the advantage of using dive computers has become more efficient, concise and safe. These improvements havegiven divers the freedom to explore the deepest area of the ocean in a safe and timely manner. Not only that, this technology allows continuous monitoring of the nitrogen elimination and uptake in the divers body in an actual and real time data exchange. With this said, we can therefore appreciate the existence of dive computers.

Moreover, there are still various reasons why dive computers are being developed overtime which will be discussed by the following:

To avoid decompression sickness –Divers are prone to constant decompression due to the nitrogen intake and expulsion.This mere fact if not well monitored can lead to decompression sickness. Decompression sickness is not as simple as it sounds. It basically can cause cramps, muscle and joint pains and numbness which are crucial most especially if this happens underwater. Worst case scenario, is that it can cause paralysis. Considering this reason, we can clearly understand the importance of using a dive computer just to make sure that everything and everyone is safe and secured.

Longer diving time –Dive computers allows the diver to extend and enjoy more time underwater. However, the depth should also be considered. The dive should be spent more in a shallower distance than the deeper ones also to avoid the decompression sickness. But still, if you are using the best dive computer, then have no worries.

Provides an accurate real time depth and time recordings –The longer the time you spent in a deep water, the more you are being exposed to stronger current which means that your in gassing and out gassing of nitrogen will be prolonged as well. In this case, an accurate real time depth and time recordings of the dive are very important for the diver’s safety and to prevent any accidents.

Say goodbye to decompression errors –As mentioned, one of our goals in diving is to prevent any accidents and any untoward eventssuch as decompression sickness which may put the life of the diver at stake.So, if dive computers are utilized, rest assured that decompressions are recorded real time, thus making it even more accurate; as a result, there will be no more decompression errors.

Has an ascent rate features –Ascending more than thirty feet per minute is a big no, no. This can lead to decompression sickness which is not good. Before, there was no way for us to find out the ascent rate a diver is having, not when dive computers arrived. Dive computers indicate the ascent rate that the diver is in. This reminds them if they are too fast or too slow making the dive even more fun and safe.

The invention of dive computers created a big change in the diving industry. It created a big difference and impact such as constant and timely monitoring as early as the ascending part. Decompression errors leading to sickness will then be prevented with the use of this tool.

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The Guidelines for Choosing the Best Dive Fins

49FACD680AVast array of fins usually causes confusion as to which one of these should we use. Properly fitted fins which are comfortable to use are the best characteristics that you should find in using fins. Fins are a very important part of diving, most especially for newbies. It provides swimming efficiency most especially if the water current it strong and it also protects your feet from being bumped into corals that may cause wounds. In choosing fins, you have to consider your diving experience as well. Too much is not appropriate and too short is not enough. You have to keep in mind the different kinds of fin that can is perfect for you. To help you keep out from utter confusion, the following guidelines in choosing the correctdive fins for you should be remembered.

There are two choices for you to choose from either the closed or open foot or the paddle or split fins.

The closed foot or open foot snorkelling fins –The closed foot snorkelling fins usually comes at a cheaper price and is usually lightweight. Utilizing lightweight fins are essential to not adding up some load while diving. It is efficient to use since it weighs less, thus the feeling of wearing nothing makes your pace faster. As compared to the close foot snorkelling fins, boots can be worn in open foot snorkelling fins but it comes in stiff, bulky characteristic and is usually heavy. This provides insulation for the diver, most especially if they have reached depths of water which for sure has cold temperature. This will also protect their foot from corals and rocks. Since open foot snorkelling fins are much heavier than the close one, there is a high possibility for them to be dragged by the water; that is why this is advisable and preferred to be used by experts.

The paddle fins versus split fins –The Paddle fins usually gives you acceleration and faster pace in swimming but not as fast and efficient compared to the split type; however, it provides you good control most especially if you suddenly wanted to slow down to look over something.Your agility in using paddle fins usually comes from your legs in a slow and powerful manner of paddling or kicking.Whereas in using split fins, as mentioned they are tested and proven to provide you even fasterpace acceleration compared to the paddle fins.With this said, if you know how to properly use split fins, you will save effort and energy even if you swim faster. Split fins are not good for any exhibitions; they are just best if your direction is just straight ahead.

No matter what kind of fins you like, as long as it fits you well then you’re good. In fact, the more your feet are dipped into the water, in time they will shrink a bit. That is why it is very important to fit fins that are not too loose neither not too tight though a bit tighter is good.

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Simple Tips on How to Clear A Scuba Mask

37D8247181Foggy scuba masks can be very irritating and dangerous. It can somehow lead the diver into nowhere knowing that they have less scope of viewing area. With this happening underwater can be very frustrating most especially if you are a newbie. Some may easily panic because they do not know what to do. Also, it is very important to removethe sticky feel in new masks for it not to slip away. Eliminating the oil in a new mask is very simple. All you have to prepare is a tooth paste with no gel content. Just get a pea size and the rub it all over the lens and on the strap. Afterwards, remove it by rinsing with water but not to the extent that you might scratch the lens.

Maintaining the good condition of your mask should be the top priority above all else. Cleaning it using toothpaste is one of the best home remedies that you can do. Also, proper storage should be observed as well most especially if your mask is made up of silicone. Silicone made materials are one of the cockroaches favourites that is why placing it in a container and storing it in a cool and dry place is very important.

During or after a dive, it is very important to clean your mask for it to last longer. Being anxious about the blurry vision into the possibility of not seeing anything can make one quite panicky.

So, in order for us not to experience this nightmare, consider the following tips:

Clearing the mask during a dive can be very difficult for some most especially for the new ones. If this is not easy for you, you can opt by releasing the mask suction, after which, grab the mask away from your face and normally water goes in and the release. In doing this, it is very important to breathe through your mouth for you suffer from hypoxia.  Well, to make it simpler, all you have to do is to practice. Just remember to always tilt up your head before blowing through your nose. This technique will help you eliminate water out from your mask. This principle may be difficult for some, but in time, you will become an expert.

Cleaning the mask after diving is very easy. All you have to do is to rinse off the mask and clean it thoroughly with running water. This will help eliminate sand, salty water and other particles that may damage the mask if not thoroughly cleaned. As mentioned, you have to keep it dry and storage should be safe.

The scuba mask is one of the most important elements in diving. Without it, it would be very difficult and impossible for the diver to view and appreciate the underwater paradise. Not only that, this protects the eyes of the divers from the salty water, from sediments and other forms of foreign material from entering into their eyes and or it not to get damaged.

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